About Ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs

Historical Influence and ideology of Type and Image

“Rediscovery of Ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs and Culture” The Ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs, a precious natural heritage of Korea, are counted amongst the world’s famous petroglyphs of Armenia, Spain, the Siskoski region near Irkutsk in Siberia, and the Red Peaks of inner Mongolia. Of particular interest, the Bangudae petroglyphs have many similarities to the inner Mongolia petroglyphs. These similarities can be traced from the petroglyphs in Mongolia to those in Baikal, and have become a decisive clue to the roots of their existence in Ulsan at the eastern end of the Korean Peninsula. This led to an opportunity to investigate data and conduct research to find similarities between our people. 

The origine of letters and images

The Bangudae petroglyphs are not only valuable as historical materials that testify to the origin, life, culture, and art of humankind on the Korean Peninsula, but are also important documents that link Korea to the historical values within a global human history. In other words, mankind’s longing for image creation and storytelling has been a natural result of exploration from the beginning until now. Humans are originally ‘animals that enjoy play’, ‘animals that use tools’ and ‘animals that imagine and reproduce images.’ In a way, petroglyphs are a representation of human intellectual and artistic activity, and are also the foundations of today’s literature and language. Therefore, the significance of the Bangudae petroglyphs is consistent with the ideology and vision of the annual Ulsan Oesol Hangeul Festival Hanmadang International Character Poster Exhibition and the study of non-Latin fonts and typography. 


ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs 

The Ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs, which represent the original communication system and artistic sign of mankind, is the inspiration for this exhibition. Invited artists from different countries will have the opportunity to reinterpret their own country’s languages, characters, and cultures to create a new poster design. The exhibition aims to elevate the status of Ulsan globally by showcasing new experimental contemporary, cultural and artistic works that together as a whole will bring greater symbolic value and meaning to communication design.