Paul Geum Ho Seok

Chairman and President

Sandoll Inc.

Paul Geum Ho Seok, the founder of the Korean type foundry Sandoll, shares his experience and views on designing Hangul specifically for commercial purposes. He showcases some of their work for clients such as Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and Apple, as well as their own library. He describes how he and his team approach projects, which often span many years, including their process, work assessment, cultural sensitivities, and technical aspects. Geumho Seok studied readability in Korean typography at Hongik University in South Korea and worked as an art director at Reader's Digest, the world's largest magazine at the time, in the 1980s. In 1984, he founded a foundry specializing in Hangeul design and is currently the co-president and chairman of Sandoll. Since then, he has collaborated with global companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and IBM to design and provide Hangul, Chinese characters, and Japanese characters. He also offers multilingual fonts in various languages through the Sandoll Cloud platform.

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Exhibition: Ulsan Culture & Arts Center
Ulsan, South Korea
Submission Deadline
September 9, 2023